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Full Time Roles

• A minimum of 2 years of professional experience demonstrating proficiency in Core PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with a strong portfolio showcasing successful projects.
• Extensive experience with server-side technologies including Apache, NGINX, SQL Server, MySQL, and Linux CLI for efficient website deployment and maintenance.
• Demonstrated proficiency in integrating REST APIs and utilizing AJAX for dynamic and interactive web applications.
• Expertise in CMS frameworks like WordPress, WebFlow, Shopify, Squarespace, etc., for efficient content management and customization.
• Ability to collaborate with designers and backend developers to ensure seamless integration of frontend components with backend functionality.
• Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to troubleshoot and debug web applications effectively.
• Knowledge of responsive design principles to ensure optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.
• Effective communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams and articulate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
• Willingness to stay updated with emerging web technologies and trends to continuously improve development processes and deliver innovative solutions.
• A minimum of 2 years of professional experience with in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern frameworks like React or Angular.
• Proficiency in back-end development using languages like Node.js, Python, Ruby, or Java, and experience with server-side frameworks like Express, Django, or Ruby on Rails.
• Familiarity with database management systems, such as MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL, and understanding of data modeling and querying.
• Ability to work with version control systems like Git and knowledge of deployment and hosting platforms like AWS, Heroku, or Azure.
• Strong problem-solving skills, a passion for learning, and staying up-to-date with emerging technologies, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
• Design and produce animation content, collaborating with fellow artists to bring creative visions to life.
• Conceptualize, create layouts, and design captivating motion graphics videos in accordance with project goals and brand guidelines.
• Collaborate closely with the Creative Team to develop storyboards that effectively communicate project objectives and narratives.
• Utilize motion graphics experience to enhance video content, ensuring dynamic and engaging visual presentations.
• Conduct comprehensive research and analysis to implement cutting-edge design techniques, ensuring high-quality motion graphics output.
• Contribute to the selection of audio, video, colors, and animations, demonstrating a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of visual aesthetics to enhance the overall video production.
• Minimum of 2 years of experience in Social Media, SEO and performance marketing roles.
• Proven track record of developing and implementing successful Social Media Strategies, Handling Multiple brands and leading performance based teams.
• Strong understanding of search engine algorithms, ranking factors, and SEO best practices with experience SEO strategies that have driven measurable results in organic search rankings, traffic, and conversions.
• Experience with SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs.
• Proficiency in paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads Manager, and LinkedIn Ads.
• Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data, analyze performance metrics, and derive actionable insights.
• Excellent communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and present findings to stakeholders.
• Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and able to manage multiple projects and priorities in a fast-paced environment.
• Continuous learner with a passion for staying updated on industry trends, algorithm changes, and emerging technologies in SEO and performance marketing.
• Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) skills with Experience in content strategy development
• Experience in managing and optimising social media platforms with F&B experience would be be given preference
• Possess a bachelor's degree in Animation, Design, or a related field, demonstrating fundamental knowledge in animation theory and practice.
• Have hands-on experience in professional animation production, encompassing various aspects of the animation pipeline from concept to final delivery.
• Exhibit proficiency in industry-standard animation software such as TV Paint, Toon Boom or Blender, showcasing the ability to create dynamic and visually appealing animations.
• Demonstrate a strong understanding of animation principles (e.g., timing, spacing, squash and stretch) and techniques, applying them effectively to create compelling animations with fluid motion and believable character performances.
• Possess a creative mindset with a keen eye for detail, able to conceptualize and execute animation sequences that effectively communicate narratives and engage audiences.
• Collaborate effectively with team members, to achieve project objectives and maintain artistic consistency, while also being receptive to feedback and direction from project leads.
• Exhibit strong communication skills, to convey ideas and collaborate with team members effectively, and demonstrate excellent time management abilities to prioritize tasks and meet project deadlines in a fast-paced production environment.



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