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SOL – Calendar 2024 – A5

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Sku: CAL-SOL-1-1

As the beats of karagattam echo through the air and the drama of therukoothu galores, The Art Brew presents to you SOL 2024 – our sublime tribute to the unsung heroes of the Tamil ethos, our very own folk artists.


The calendar is an ode to the artisans and performers of folk art forms who keep alive the stories of heritage and artistry across generations. Each page offers a macro lens into the ensemble and trinkets of the folk artists, providing a closer glimpse into the elements that make the artist’s facade as memorable as it is. The illustrations are hand-drawn, making the calendar an artistic masterpiece in itself.


With finesse in intent and content, the calendar is a delightful union of strokes and words.


This kit includes:
1. A5 Size Sol Calendar
2. 1 Sol Tamil Notebook

The Art Brew